Herbal Wellness Center IQS (Interactive Query System)

The IQS™  technology works by tapping into our body’s natural ability to process and interpret information and by working with the body’s ability to prevent and overcome illness.

Our bodies have an “innate intelligence” that “knows” everything about its condition…what we need is an accurate and reliable method to communicate these conditions for effective balancing in order to achieve optimum health. A method now exists….. that method is the IQS™ Biofeedbock technology.

YOUR health is unique…

It’s largely determined by your family background, living and working environments and genetic makeup.

Health advice specific to your body is now available.

The IQS™ is an accurate, reliable and noninvasive technology that allows us to conduct a personal health evaluation.

From these results, we are able to understand what is required to restore your body to good health and improve your overall well-being, including alleviating the allergies that bring on eczema, asthma, headaches, frequent fatigue, heartburn and more.

The IQS™ machine works by tapping into your body’s natural ability to “know” what it needs – and then translates that into information your practitioner can use to determine your health options.

The IQS™ device is used to measure electrical impulses in the body through a process often referred to as electrodermal dialog, or EDO.

These electrical currents are obtained through the skin at acupuncture meridian points on the hands.

To get results, the IQS™ queries the body’s natural intelligence, recording responses to “yes” and ‘”no” questions.

The process, called Interrogatory Bio-feedback, is accurate and quick, as answers to each query take as little as two seconds to receive.

The IQS™ machine records detailed information about your overall health, allowing us to address your specific health needs.

Additionally, a simple Stress Survey conducted using Interrogatory Biofeedback© (IBF) is a fast and effective way to examine a clients overall wellbeing or to expose any sensitivities they may have.

To begin, a baseline measurement is recorded at one of the ten basic acupuncture meridian points on either hand.

Once the baseline measurements have been recorded, more complete queries can be conducted on other aspects of your wellbeing.

The IQS™ software includes several protocols organized in groups we call S.A.F.E. Scan procedures.

Each S.A.F.E. Scan procedure will help to understand the stress factors or toxins, emotions, life conditions, sensitivities etc. that impact the body.

Hundreds of specific items can be queried in as little as a few minutes.

Information that might have taken weeks or months of “traditional” testing, can now be realized in a matter of minutes…