Herbal Wellness Center BioChallenge #491 – VRM1 – LARGE






For assuring good health in the large intestine by helping the body eliminate micro-organisms.

This herbal vermifuge is for the treatment of larger micro-organisms in the large intestine. Usually used in a sixty day program (4 cycles of 15 days); however, ninety days (6 cycles) may be required.

30 capsules



1-3 capsules at bedtime for 4-6 cycles of 15 days each (10 days on, 5 days off), or as directed.

Pau D’Arco; Rose Hips; Garlic; Valerian Root; Hops; Bromelain Enzyme; Zapilopatle Beans; Hojas de Jalapa; Dolomite; Wormseed Oil.

May temporarily cause loose stool.

ACP or ACX may also be helpful to neutralize toxins being eliminated and are generally recommended in any cleansing program. They help neutralize the toxins and waste that may be released by the use of other formulas and minimize any healing crisis or reaction, especially with the sensitive-type patient. They are often recommended in conjunction with programs that use formulas #4, ATAK, OXAA, OXCC, OXOX and any or the VRM formulas. As with any cleansing program, the elimination system must be kept open; drink at least 2 quarts of water daily. In rare cases, aching may result; soaking in an Epsom Salt bath will uaually reduce this condition.

Usually, a bottle of formula #6 and/or DSIR is recommended after completing the VRM program to assist in tissue healing.

Do not begin any VRM program unless the person plans to complete it entirely. IMPORTANT: If abdominal pain, cramps, nausea or other signs of appendicitis are present, DO NOT START using any VRM formula. DO NOT USE DURING PREGNANCY, WHILE NURSING, OR FOR CHILDREN UNDER 8. DO NOT EAT BEEF OR PORK while on this program; fish and poultry may be eaten in moderation, during breakfast and lunch. Capsules should always be taken AT LEAST 3 HOURS APART FROM ANY PROTEIN MEAL.


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