Herbal Wellness Center BioCommand

Systemic Formulas’ BioCommand Formulas provide the health professional the ability to direct the effects of balanced nutrition to accomplish specific nutritional goals. In accomplishing their work, the BioCommand Formulas work with BioFunction Formulas to direct them to a specific purpose.

BioCommand #1 activates tissue,
BioCommand #2 helps build tissue,
BioCommand #3 fights bacteria,
BioCommand #4 fights fungus and viruses,
BioCommand #5 resists abnormal mitosis,
BioCommand #6 promotes proper healing

Each as applied to the cellular structures targeted by an accompanying BioFunction Formula. Capitalizing on specific balanced tissue activity, the BioCommand Formula magnifies the effect of the selected BioFunction Formula providing a brilliant approach to the power of herbal, natural healing through proper nutrition.

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