Herbal Wellness Center Credentials

My credentials include

Graduating with honors in Iridology from the Australasian College of Health Sciences.

Specialized training through Systemic Formulas every year since 2005.

Educated in Ayurvedic medicine from the Ayurvedic institute in New Mexico.

Certified in Natural Therapies for The Iridologist and Health Care Practitioner.

Trained with the late Dr. Bernard Jensen and current Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen.

Certified in Sclerology from Dr. Jack Tipps,ND.,Ph.D and the International Sclerology Institute.

Certified in Foot Glyphology from Dr. Jack Tipps, ND.,PhD.

Certified in Arhatic Yoga 2006. With Master Choa Kok Sui.

Certified with Touch for Health from the Kinesiology Institute in 1996.

Pranic healing course certificate.

Awarded certificate as a functional Iridologist 1995 from the Iridologist International, Escondido. Ca.

Award received for past three years winner of Rising Star Award. Sunshine Symposium, Ogden Utah.

Received training in Causational Healing and neuro-endocrine hormone axia.

DoTerra Essential Oils Specialist

Natures Sunshine Manager

Educational Nurse Adviser , with classes on nutrition once a month.

Certified Gaps Practitioner

Certified in Voice-Bio Analysis

I do Meridian Biofeedback Testing.

Dr. Chi’s method of Chinese Tongue And  Fingernail analysis.

Iridology reading and Sclerology reading.

Foot glyphology reading and muscle and nutrition response testing.

I am a Systemic Formula Health Care Practioner and Educational Nurse Adviser.

We also do ionic foot detox and pranic healing.

Michale K. Cashe