Herbal Wellness Center Testimonials

I’m 30 years old and was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Anxiety and PCOS. I’ve been sick all my life.

I made the decision to cure the cancer naturally.

During my first few sessions, I felt pulling in my arm pit area also pain where the tumors were located. I went through a huge detox for two days after each treatment, my body just wanted to sleep.

As the weeks went on, the detox symptoms were lessened and easier to deal with. Also the pain went away.

I have since had a full work up and there is no trace of cancer in my body, it’s completely gone.

Also, I was shocked to find out I no longer have Diabetes, that was an extra surprise. Plus, my hormones are much more regulated. I will continue to work on them for complete balance.

Also, we work on calming and depression and I feel like a cloud has lifted after my treatment, I have a sense of mental well being that’s amazing to feel. My results have been nothing less then miraculous.

Since the cancer is gone, we are now focusing on the Fibromyalgia.

During the treatments for the Fibromyalgia, I feel twinges in my joints, right where I need it.

I feel that no doubt, I will be symptom free with continued treatment.

Amber L


I’m a 58 year old male who is an insulin dependent diabetic and I have stage 3 kidney failure.

I wanted to find a way to get my body to heal itself. As medical insurance premiums are skyrocketing and I believe that Doctors prescribe drugs to mask the illness rather than wanting to cure the illness

I was referred to the Herbal Wellness Center in Beaumont.

I’ve been going to Herbal Wellness Center for a couple of months for treatments.

I can report that my blood glucose numbers are where they should be.

Don’t know how or if my kidney function has improved. But, I believe they have, because of the supplements recommended by Michele.

About 4 weeks ago I went in for a treatment and I mentioned I was having sciatic nerve pain. I wasn’t really surprised when I was told that there was a frequency for that. During the treatment I felt my sciatic nerve begin to tingle and within minutes the pain was gone and it hasn’t returned.

Roger N.


I am 77 years old. When I started doing the Rife machine I had bad eyesight and had a lot of pain in my hips. Six months later my eyesight was 300% better.

As for the pain in the hips area. The next morning after the first treatment the pain was gone.

What a blessing.

Mae V.


I have long utilized the complimentary Eastern and Western health approaches. In 2013 I had been suffering multiple issues: gastrointestinal, brain fog, sinus and respiratory infections and multiple doses of high level anti-biotics etc.

I also changed primary care physicians as a result of how my then doctor was addressing my issues. My primary care physician embraces Eastern ideas and practices Western medicine.

Michale was recommended by a friend and so in August, 2013 I sought out her services.

Positive compliments abound!!! But most importantly in a few short months Michale righted my whole system and restored me to optimal health.

I have read all the various pro/con reports on the Web about IQS and feel that it is the ultimate in diagnostic tools and every western medical doctor should consider embracing this technology.

To prove the East/West connection, each time we did a re-check I visited my Western primary care and had the results of the IQS confirmed! That was enough for me to determine how effective both modalities can help keep your body in harmony.

I have since recommended 3 people all with separate and un-related issues and she has made a difference in their health.

Thank you Michale and IQS.

Carole P